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Game Genie Codes

The Game Genie is what we used back in the day to cheat on our games. The codes shown here can also be used in most emulators, look for some sort of cheat option. Note: if two codes are listed, then both codes must be entered for the cheat to take effect.

NOTE: When using the "trade Shield spell for x spell", the Shield spell will act as whatever spell you trade it for. This means that you will only use as much magic as the Shield spell normally uses, but Shield will behave as if you used the other spell.


Code Effect
SZUTYUSE Link takes no damage (may not work for all versions of the game).
SZKGKXVK Link has unlimited lives.
PASKPLLA Link starts with 1 life.
TASKPLLA Link starts with 6 lives.
PASKPLLE Link starts with 9 lives.
AZUOLIAL Super jump (jump higher than normal).
AAUOLIAL Infinite jump (you will keep floating higher for as long as you hold the jump button, but once you let go you'll fall like normal).
Don't lose experience points when you level up.
SXESIKSE Don't lose experience points when hit by point-stealing enemies.
XTSSTKSE Get 256 points from enemies you kill (may not work on all enemies).
SXVIKOVK Infinite keys (must have at least one key).
SXNASSSE Infinite Magic
Trade Shield spell for Fire spell.
Trade Shield spell for Spell spell.
Trade Shield spell for Fairy spell (this might glitch some emulators).
Trade Shield spell for Life spell. This will also continuously refill your life meter until you move to another screen.
Trade Shield spell for Thunder spell.