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These are exactly what the title says. They are my version of editorials. When I start thinking about something, I just write it down. Whatever comes to my mind, seriously, I write it down. But be careful, once you start reading my ramblings, there's no turning back. And remember, these aren't meant to be taken totally seriously, you need to take them with a grain of salt.

  • This is my gripe about the Playstation 3. It's too expensive, and too much machine to be a competetive console. Sony should re-brand it as a Linux workstation or something.
  • Want to hear my opinion about the look of the Gamecube Zelda? Of course you do. Listen to what I think about all the complaining people are doing. Some people are just crybabies. You know who you are.
  • Learn all about the digital Milennium Copyright Act, which is just another way that the government and big corporations are trying to control what we think. Don't be a namless pawn, write to your local legislator and tell him what you think of this law (I wrote my Senator). 
  • Remember when everything on the Internet was free? I do. It makes me sick to see all these free services now charging a fee. Well, I'm not about to take this lightly. I'm an avid moocher and I won't let fine art of mooching die a slow, withering death.
  • Yep, X-box sucks too. Microsoft is a money-grubbing, blood-sucking monster that just wants your money. X-box is just a cheap knock-off of a PC. When it comes to Microsoft and all these idiots hyping X-box, I have one thing to say: "I'm mad as hell, an I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
  • Yeah, you heard me. AOL is not the Internet, and it is a mockery to all that the Internet stands for. If you're an innocent user, maybe this will open your eyes. If you're a brain-dead AOLer, I'm not worried because you probably can't read. Anyways, AOL sucks and this article will tell you why.
  • This editorial may be a little late in coming, but it is definitely worth a read. After playing Majora's Mask, and then going back to the original Z64, I realized again how annoying a certain character is. You know who I'm talking about.
  •  All you left-handers out there need to know how special you are. We all know that Link is a lefty, but did you know that I am? Here are some ramblings of why lefties are better than righties (sorry, right-handers).
  • Yes, you heard me. iMacs are evil, and don't deserve to exist. I hate them and there is nothing anyone could possibly do to change my mind. If you want to know why I hate iMacs, read this article. If you love iMacs, well, I don't care. You just live in your little iMac fantasy world.
  • I hate Playstation 2. Want to find out why? Read this article. I'm hoping to convert the heathens who have left Nintendo for PS2. If you're an irate PS2 fan, please flame me so I can make fun of you. 

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