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Game Genie / Pro Action Replay Codes

The Game Genie is what we used back in the day to cheat on our games. The codes shown here can also be used in most emulators, look for some sort of cheat option.  The Pro Action Replay was another cheat device that had the advantage of being able to write to memory locations that the Game Genie couldn't. The Pro Action Replay codes should also work on most emulators.

Note: if two codes are listed, then both codes must be entered for the cheat to take effect.


Game Genie

Code Effect
AE6E-DF2A Don't take damage from enemies. NOTE: You must have at least the number of full hearts that an enemy normally takes away. For example, if you have two full hearts, and the enemy normally takes three, you will die. Also, falling down pits still takes a heart away.
256C-6D04 Alternate weapon appearance. All this seems to do is glitch the graphics for various weapons.
AE67-DF2A Alternate sound effects. All this does is change the sound effects of weapons, etc.
Unlimited magic. Note: The Magic Cape still uses magic power.
45B8-D49A Use Pegasus Boots without the normal delay (i.e. dash instantly).
55B8-D49A Disables Pegasus Boots dash.
AE67-0D30 Unlimited bombs.
AEEC-A586 Don't lose rupees when buying things.
8A67-6E4B Bats takes four hits to take one heart. Seems pointless, but oh well.

Pro Action Replay

Code Effect
7EF35501 Have Pegasus Boots.
7EF35001 Have Cane of Somaria.
7EF35101 Have Cane of Byrna.
7EF35201 Have Magic Cape.
7EF34601 Have Ice Rod.
7EF34501 Have Fire Rod.
7EF34201 Have Hookshot.
7EF34001 Have Bow.
7EF34701 Have Bombos Medallion.
7EF34801 Have Ether Medallion.
7EF34901 Have Quake Medallion.
7EF35401 Have Power Glove.
7EF35601 Have Zora's Flippers.
7EF35701 Have Moon Pearl.
7EF37401 Have Pendant of Wisdom (red pendant).
7EF37402 Have Pendant of Power (blue pendant).
7EF37404 Have Pendant of Courage (green pendant).
7EF37407 Have all pendants.
7EF35402 Have Titan's Mitt.
7EF34004 Have Bow and Silver Arrows.
7EF35302 Have Magic Mirror.
Infinite Rupees.
7EF36F09 Infinite small keys.
7E045A03 Dark rooms are always lit.
7EF35901 Have regular sword.
7EF35902 Have Master Sword. Note: Do not use this until you've taken Zelda to the Sanctuary. It may cause glitches otherwise.
7EF35903 Have Tempered Sword.
7EF35904 Have Golden Sword.
7EF35A01 Have regular shield.
7EF35A02 Have Red Shield.
7EF35A03 Have Mirror Shield.
7EF35B01 Have Blue Mail.
7EF35B02 Have Red Mail.
7E037B01 Enemies pass through you without touching you (you may need to disable this code for some puzzles to work).
7EF36DA0 Link always has 20 full hearts.
7E040300 Treasure chests reset after leaving room.
7E005E10 Speed walk.
7E005501 Always wear magic cape, without draining magic meter, and be able to use other items.
7EF34332 Always have 50 bombs.
7EF36D50 always have 10 full hearts.
7EF36E80 Infinite magic.
7EF37746 Always have 70 arrows.