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Clay Guy 15: Okay were being attacked by aliens heres the witness and stuff.

Micheal looked at the TV with astonishment

Klay Guy 14: Well me and my friend were playing with this old cam corder. And was attacked by an Alien.

Micheal looked closer to the TV

Clay Guy 14: I have it on tap. AND THATS WHAT HAPPEN!

The clay guy went close to the microphone and made a loud sound.

Newsreporter: Ow!

The clay guy showed the tape

Clay Guy 16: If you move you suck!

Clay Guy 14: Okay.


Clay Guy 14: Ow!

Clay Guy 16: You moved! Y- You suck!

Clay Guy 14: Well I didn't want to get hu- Ah!!!

The alien apeard behind them and started to attack.

The person holding the camera was running away.

Clay Guy 17: Hahah are you getting this? This is fun hah- Oh!

The aliens tail stabed him and attacked him.

The camera man was still running.

Then he looked back

He saw the clay guys being attacked

Clay Guy 16: Oh okay s- stop! Oh no!

The alien slashed him.

Cameraman: Ah!

Then the camera stopped playing

Newsreporter: Well some brave clay men are trying to save the day like people behind me.

Micheal: Huh? Chris?

The newsreporter was interveiwing Henry

Newsreporter: So whats the plan?

Henry: We're gonna run really fast when we see it.

Newsreporter: Any idea how to get rid of it?

Henry: Well were trying to get rid of it. If that doesn't work we go to plan B.

Newsreporter: And whats that?

Henry: Ehhhhh.... Running.

Newsreporter: So there you have it. I'm Micheal Brown.

Micheal: How can they not need me? I'm the third tallest charcter. Well I'll get rid of it myself. But first I need to eat.

Back to the group.

Henry: Okay first we need a leader. And I think that should be me.

Jacob: I think I should be a leader. I survived alot of crazy things.

Clay Guy 12: I think I should be the leader.

Everyone looks at him.

Clay Guy 12: What?

Clay Guy 13: Knoxs clay time fighting. Fight.

Henry took out his gun from his back and shot at him.

Then the battle begin between who gets to be the leader.

One of the clay guy teared off this guys arm off.

Clay Guy 14: Owww.

Clay Guy 12: Yeah that probably hurt.

Dr. Bob took out a chainsaw.

Dr. Bob: This will hurt alot!

Dr Bob slashed the clay guy's legs off.

Clay Guy 12: Ow that hurt!

Dr. Bob: Yeah it did!

Dr. Bob teared out all the clay guys gut out.

Dr. Bob: Hahaaahah.....

Chris: I- I- didn't do anything to you! Ah!

Chris rolled to the other side as Dr.Bob threw the chainsaw on the floor. And the chainsaw went wild cutting on its way.

Clay Guy 14: Put me down Uh!

The clay guy threw him down and the chainsaw cut right through him.

Boom boom!

Henry: Gotcha.

The chainsaw went toward him.

Henry turned around and saw the chainsaw comming to him.

Henry shot the chainsaw as hard as he tried

Then the chainsaw stopped in front of him.

Henry: Phew.

Jacob: I'm the king of all clay people. Now you will bow down to me.

Henry: This guy is getting annoying.

Henry turned around and saw a pack of gernades.

Henry: Oh yeah gernades

Henry sneaked in back of Jacob.

Henry: Goodbye Jacob.

Henry put the gernade inside of Jacob. Henry ran away and looked for a cover.

Jacob: Ow what was that what you put in me?


The smoke cleared and Jacob only have a leg. jacob's leg fell down and died.

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